Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Dominion, in partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia, has installed electric vehicle charging stations at the westbound New Kent Safety Rest Area on Interstate 64. The stations are designed to accomodate most of today’s hybrid vehicles and use of the stations will be complimentary

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11 thoughts on “Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  1. @TakayaFreeman So will there be one for each parking space, or how many?
    Will these stations produce enough power to charge up all-electric vehicles as well?

  2. I don’t know what they have planned. I don’t live in Virginia, but common sense dictates that 4 outlets won’t cover 50 cars in a 50 car lot. So, the solution? Have one for every at least 4 car spots. As for the stations, you ARE aware that they’re connected to the building’s power grid, right? So, unless it gets damaged, it’ll have a constant amount of power.

  3. There is already technology that automatically charges your car while you drive. There is no need for charging units.

  4. Charging stations need to be designed against vandalism. Kids or vandals are going to have a field day unplugging cars or flipping off switches in a parking lot while unknowing persons are away. Then, what do you do when you return to your car and find it hasn’t been charging as you thought?

  5. @teronl You can actually buy locking baffles that go around the plug to prevent unauthorized removal. These are already used in industry in situations where a sudden loss of power would be dangerous or disruptive.

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