does the charging station come with the wii?

Charging Station

mpd dudez asks:

if no, do u need the charging station to charge the batteries or just put in differnet batteries?

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Answer by kat9375
Nope, they take regular batteries. You have to buy the charging station separately.

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  1. You have to use normal batteries but you can get a Nyko charge station with two chargers on it and it works really good. Mine can charge my remotes full in about half an hour. When they’re full, mine last for a couple of weeks before they need to be used again. It is so much more easier than having to always change the batteries and it save you a lot of money.

  2. It doesn’t come with the charging station.
    It uses AA Batteries.

    You can buy a charging station, (not made by nintendo).
    I have been using the charging station for many months and have never had a problem. Much better than having to keep supply of batteries.

  3. No. There are 3rd party solutions.
    Although Nintendo discourages other rechargeable battery types such as lithium ion (Li-ion) and nickel-cadmium (NiCd), the company’s support website indicates that nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries may be used.

  4. nintendo do not produce a charging station. in fact the very use of one voids your warranty.

    also, allegedly they can damage the wiimotes, so until nintendo make one, i would just use regular batteries, they dont get eaten up too fast.

  5. The charge station is made by nyko, and doesn’t come with the wii.

    The wii remote takes 2 AA battery’s, but the nyko charge station comes with 2 rechargeable battery’s for the wii remotes so you don’t need to keep buying battery’s.

  6. You use AA alkaline batteries with the Wiimotes. Nintendo doesnt permit using rechargable batterys. Using rechargable batterys or battery packs voids the warranty for them. I think its smarter to use rechargable batteries though. I mean I don’t plan on buying a 24 pack of AA batterys for a weeks of playing bowling on the Wii. Don’t buy the charging stations I seen many bad reviews on how they stop charging after a couple months of use or your have to very carefully maneuver the wiimote to charge. If anything just buy rechargable energizer AA batterys they are more reliable.

  7. different batteries. batteries last a long time IMO tho. The charging station + battery paks + grip covers were only $ 30 at walmart

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