Days Of The New – Shelf In The Room

Music video by Days Of The New performing Shelf In The Room. (C) 1998 Geffen Records Courtesy of Outpost Recordings/Geffen Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises

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25 thoughts on “Days Of The New – Shelf In The Room

  1. Think whatever u want. In February 1999 the singer and the band split. The singer kept the name and released another album. The band formed Tantric and they have way more popularity even if I don’t like them lol

  2. I was in court in louisville one day, and saw travis meeks walking into a court room…. i bet he could still rock the fuck out!!!

  3. This shit takes me back 10-12 years when I was in my teens. Days of the New is one of the few bands I can listen to and just escape from this world when I need to.

    Days of the New = most underrated band of all time

    Nothing can touch the sound of those rich acoustic guitars in open tunings.

  4. Travis Meeks + Gary Meeks = DISASTER

    I have been around Travis one too many times, watching him throw yet another one of his “Do you know who I am… , … everyone bow to me” tantrums to have any respect left for him at all.

  5. @dinkidavis yeah travis can be an asshole. he has aspergers syndrome, which is pretty much a clinical term for being a dick. but he is a great songwriter and a great musician.

  6. It’s weird seeing todd whitener in these videos. He teaches guitar where i take singing lessons and hes cool as fuck. but i met him before i got into the band lol

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