crazy Plumbing Question. Is it possible to have a hand held shower head hooked to a roman faucet?

Shower Hook

MB P asks:

I have a roman/ garden tub and no shower. I want to use a hand held on the wall to act as the shower but am running into trouble with the different threads for the connectors, any ideas?

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Answer by thewrangler_sw
You may have to replace the faucet…. getting one to match the style though, should not be a problem. I know there are roman faucets with an additional shower attatchment, or in the kitchen, a sprayer.

Below is a pic to one such faucet.

If you just simply want to connect a handheld shower to the spigot, then you will most likely need an adapter. I would suggest that you take both, the aerator ring, and the sprayer connector to your local hardware, or building supply store. Tell them you need to go from one to the other. They can find a threading that matches your spigot, from the part you bring in, and then come up with something to go from it, to your sprayer.

Good Luck

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