can I vent a dryer into a bathroom exhaust in a commercial property?


suzi7693 asks:

I am going to be renting a new place for a wellness center. We would like to have a washer dryer but there is no vent. There is, however, a men’s bathroom on the other side of the wall that would house the w/d hookups. Could we vent the dryer into the bathroom exhaust or will it overpower the bathroom?
thanks for your answers. very helpful.

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Answer by Mark
If you are going to do all the work to put in the plumbing. I would think that running a proper vent through the roof would not be that much more work.

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  1. good question never heard this one but i think there are codes for venting so maybe call your local building codes office and ask them to make sure. i know i vented mine directly outside through the wall but in the winter i block it off and use one of those vent attachments that block it from going outside and use the extra heat for my house in the winter months to help with fuel costs. works great!

  2. As I am about to take the contractors test for hvacr, One of the mechanical books states that a clothes dryer shall not be connected to a vent connector, vent or chimney. And must terminate to the outside with a backdraft damper, whether it be commercial or domestic. And must be installed in accordiance with the manufacture’s specs just like what John said

  3. Actually all dryers have a warning stating that the vent must exhaust outdoors, if not fire, serious injury or death can occur. The vent will also be accumulating lint which is flammable and if the vent cannot let all the heat escape up into the atmosphere, but into a room, with a ceiling, the heat will build up and increase the potential for fire. I know there’s an exhaust fan in there but technically it is not ok. It should vent horizontally through a wall or even through multiple walls if you had to

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