Can I paint bathroom floor tiles & also the floor of the shower recess?


lynnejohansen asks:

I have painted over all the walls as well as the shower recess wall tiles and they look stunning. Just like having a new bathroom but I just need to do something with the floors (bathroom as well as shower recess)without having to pullup the vile tiles that are there. Plz help 🙂
They are ceramic tiles and any help would be appreciated thankyou.

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Answer by Me!!!
Of course just make sure you get the ceramic paint that dries quickly and hardens quick too

3 thoughts on “Can I paint bathroom floor tiles & also the floor of the shower recess?

  1. Forget it totally. You will not get the paint to adhere.If you wish to proceed ,as i see some sugesting,you will see how easy it scrapes and peels off. What a mess you’ll have then.

  2. The first question is what type of tile is on the floor?
    Ceramic, vinyl,wood? What is the shower recess made of?
    If its ceramic it is possible to coat it with an epoxy paint (of course over time you will have a wear pattern). If its vinyl you can either remove it or put a 1/4 inch thick layer of plywood and lay new tiles on to that surface.If its wood you will probably have you remove it (due to thickness) or strip and recoat it (paint or stain). True options are difficult due to lack of details

  3. You can, but make sure you clean the old tiles thoroughly, and follow the instructions on the paint exactly to get the best adhesion – it will need to resist a lot more wear than the walls.

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