25 thoughts on “BATHROOM

  1. @AbsurdiJaFalski

    Right, because if a person says something on the internet, it means he or she must be a social reject and thus incapable of drilling someone else.

    Makes perfect sense :p

  2. @Siiderimies psychostimulant not psychadellic. you won’t be eating hotdogs with the annunaki in the fifth dimension on meth.

  3. i love how everyone on the internet becomes a sudden genius when they post anything about everything, how long did it take you this time to get the rhythm, the syntax, the dipthongs, the dissidence to come up with your oh so eloquent and clever statements, at least i have the balls to say that i pulled a line from party monster to convey my point, i wager, more or less stake some of you pulled up thesaurus. com or right click and gandered on your savvy words as if you were shopping for those

  4. cute shoes that would complete that gown for the night,

    by the way, if you havent noticed yet, these one and two post, are nothing short of ironic, like i said, everyone becomes a genius online.

  5. 0:14 i thought she saw a big dick lol… what’s the objective/point of this video at all ? i agree with Andionisbetter…

  6. Sorry , but this video totally lost me . It could have been a warning about anything from using the wrong bar of soap to listening death metal !
    Maybe you need to do drugs to understand this video , cos i couldn’t understand it .

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