Courtney44844 asks:

Okay well im bidding on this cute bag from ae online @ ebay but i found another one from ae that i like more so can i remove my bid???

-plz reply fasst cuz the bidding ends soon and i dont want that bag but i cant bid on the other one until i know i can remove my bid cuz i dont want them both!

– thanks

-luv ya!! <3 Best answer:

Answer by SUMMER•♥•LOVE!
i am not sure about that.
go look on the page to see if you can remove your bid. but you mightnot be able to..
chances are someone will bid higher than you hopefully! & you can also ask the ebay customer service, but i don’t think they’ll let you! sorry! because once you put in a bid.. you can’t take it out!

Hope This Helps!
good luck :]

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