Anyone seen a shower curtain with poppy flowers?

Shower Curtain

Stephanie H asks:

I’m looking for a shower curtain that I saw at Kohl’s last year, should have purchased, and didn’t. I don’t necessarily need this specific curtain, but that would be ideal. It was white with large, red poppy flowers on it. It was a cloth curtain, not vinyl. I’ve done exhaustive internet searches for something similar and haven’t come up with anything yet. Some help would be appreaciated.

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Answer by bonitakale
Everything shows up eventually on eBay. Just keep looking. The closest I find today is this one:

One thought on “Anyone seen a shower curtain with poppy flowers?

  1. I have not seen a shower curtain with poppies for some time now. You could buy a solid color, then yourself or an artistic friend could put on the poppies with fabric paint. One other idea,go to or call a Kohl’s outlet, they might have the one you saw.

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