Any ideas for a unique shower curtain rod and hooks?

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L Mae asks:

I am redoing my bathroom and I want a shower rod that is not so plain and traditional. The shower curtain is light gold and black with red Asian flowers on it. All I’ve seen so far are the typical chrome, gold, white, etc. straight shower curtain rods. I’m using a bamboo floor mat to keep with the asian/nature theme and it looks great. Any ideas for an unusual asian/natural shower curtain rod?

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Answer by tommysgirl
Buy one of the chrome rods & use a fine grit sandpaper on it, then using Krylon glossy black spraypaint, paint it… It should match nicely!

3 thoughts on “Any ideas for a unique shower curtain rod and hooks?

  1. Creativity is my second name !

    So if you want something totally different you could have beads as a shower curtain if you like you could have a clear plastic curtain under and have them hanging on the outside , this will give an exotic feel to your bathroom and you can get them in any colour that you wish for , I will try to find you a link that I was looking at recently .
    Merry Christmas

  2. Use a bamboo stick. You can have it cut to the correct measurements at Home Depot and also get the rubber round rod holders for the sides of the shower to keep in place. I’ve done this myself with an african themed bathroom I had a few years ago.

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