When washing a vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine, should I use hot, warm, or cold water?

Shower Curtain

The Grit asks:

I know not to dry it in the dryer!

I’m asking this because I asked earlier if you could wash a vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine, and I received suggestions from different people about different temperatures.

So, I’m trying to find a consensus on what the best temperature is.

Best answer:

Answer by Annette B
I use warm water ,but I don’t wash mine in the washing machine I soak it in a tub and rinse it, this will prolong the life of the shower curtain especially if it’s vinyl . That is my point of view!,

Recycle Bin!!!?

Recycle Bin

CoralSea asks:

I have Windows Vista and i donĀ“t know how I erase the recycle bin from my desktop and I can find it in my computer. This is kind of weird…Can anyone help me??

Best answer:

Answer by GeekMasta
Right click on desktop, “personalize”, choose “change desktop icons”, check
“recycle bin

Foyer wall unit – storage bench/shelves/cabinet/shoe storage box?

Shoe Cabinet

eetrapnoel asks:

I have searched to no avail of even a picture of this. I can make myself but was trying to get ideas. It will be (yes) painted plywood at least 6ft tall. Basically a place to:
– sit when you come in
– take off and store your shoes without getting up
– hang your jacket and
– give additional storage for anything

Can anyone point me to some links before I go nuts with my own design?

Best answer:

Answer by Max Schnell
Look around IKEA for ideas; they have several of them.

What size bag did you pack for the hospital when pregnant?


carogator28 asks:

I’m 36 weeks pregnant and trying to pack a bag for the hospital. I have downloaded all sorts of lists detailing all of the things you should bring, but it seems like it will take a pretty big bag to hold all of it. What size bag did you, or are you planning to use? I read something about using a carry-on size bag, but my bathrobe alone takes up alot of it (forget about snacks, a change of clothes for me, the baby, and my hubby, etc.) Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Kirby
Mine is a big ol’ duffle bag with a small backpack for the baby.
I wouldn’t worry about the size of the bag- I’d be concerned if I underpacked and needed to send my husband home to get more things!

39 weeks and counting!

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