Where can I buy a shower rod for a standing shower?

Shower Rod

Olive asks:

I’m moving into a new house that has a newly added bathroom in one of the bedrooms. Unfortunately, there are not any shower doors for the shower. The previous owner said she just bought a curved shower rod, but the ones that I see in stores are rods built for the standard tub/showers and not standing showers. Is there something out there for me to use until I can install glass shower doors.

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Answer by Ed M
Purchase a standard/ tub and shower rod not a curved one. Measure the opening and cut the rod to fit. The new rod can be cut with a copper tubing cutter or a hacksaw. Measure length of curtain to determine new rod elevation. Slide new flanges over rod and secure to existing walls with screws.

One thought on “Where can I buy a shower rod for a standing shower?

  1. They sell short tension shower rods at Walmart, and probably lots of other stores. They’re the kind that have a spring in them to keep the ends pushed against the wall, you don’t need screws to install it. You can find them near the shower curtains.

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