Whats the best way to make my room appear bigger…?

♫Eternal Rest♫ asks:

Ok I have a small room…and my furniture makes it a little less space to hang around in…I have a captains bed in one corner…next to it my dresser with my tv…then across on the other wall is my other dresser…and my hamper and a little rocking chair I can’t get rid of…then in the corner by my bed is a thing with my art stuff and a bench thing…and my art kit…my desk is by my door and its short…I have a little bit of floor space just isn’t as much as I want…how do I make it look bigger..I have the smallest room in the house and my parents once had a piano in there which I find hard to believe!
I don’t have an art table…I use my desk but the thing is like a tower and holds my art stuff…and I can’t put my tv on the wall…and I don’t use my closet its a mess…and if I paint my room which I might orange I can only paint half because we have paneling…
The rocker is really small I had it when I was a little kid and my mom won’t let me get rid of it…

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Answer by deadstardust
get a large mirror.

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  1. The easiest way to make a room appear bigger is to get rid of the furniture. Can you replace the Captain’s bed with a day bed? The Japanese use futon beds to maximize small spaces. Can you get rid of the dresser(s) and use an under the bed storage system? If you don’t have a closet, What about one floor-to-ceiling armoir? Why do you have an art table AND a desk? pick one, get rid of the other. Is the rocker sentimental, obligatory, or just what? If your house burned down, would you save the rocker? Do you need a TV? if yes, is it within your budget to get a flat-panel type? I’ve seen the smaller ones for under $ 150.

    As an artist, you know the tricks of light and shadow to increase the appearance of size and perspective. Use these skills when placing your wall decor. Use a darker color wainscoting, medium color wall, and very light color ceiling. Strategically place bright lights towards the top of the room, flooding light opens up a space tremendously.

  2. if you could paint or stain everything the same color and paint the walls a non-contrasting color, it will appear bigger. you could also go one shade lighter on the ceiling. also keep the fabrics in the same tones. you can make it more lively with pillows and accessories.

    i dont know what a captains bed is or “a thing with my art stuff” or how small or tall your furniture is, but see if you can stack things ontop of each other and use up the wall space instead of floor

    i’d put the bench at the foot of the bed…for storage you could get some sliding drawers or simple baskets for under the bed

    maybe mount the t.v. on the wall on a shelf (they sell special ones specifically for tvs that swivel and everything)

  3. Light colors for walls/ceiling and accessories will “open” up the space. Small tile mirrors may help, but if the room is cluttery, the clutter will double. Make the items in your room as clutter-free as possible. Can some stuff go into storage or move a dresser into the closet?

    Wishing you lots of space!

  4. – Light colors
    – Keep thing very organized
    – Put a mirror on a wall that people will face when they sit down (not in a corner)

  5. yes mirrors do generally work. but your best bet with the mirror would be to cover an entire wall with mirror glass, have it siliconed to your wall and it’ll make your room look huge

  6. Put mirrors on the walls and paint 2 of 4 walls a different shade of the same color. Like light green and 2 shades darker on another wall. Also, if you don’t have popcorn ceiling, and you are allowed, paint the celing. Goodluck

  7. Paint it white. Part with any large furniture you can and use shelves. Scent the room with cucumber and basil diffusing reeds. Get rid of any curtains and use blinds.

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