What would make a shower curtain pull into the tub when you take a shower?

Shower Curtain

ruckles asks:

The shower curtain doesn’t move while the water is off but when you turn on the shower the shower curtain is drawn toward you.
Thanks for all your helpful answers.I solved the problem by making sure the Vanetion blind over the bathroom window was closed.I forgot to tell everyone that there is a window in mine and my girlfriend’s bathroom.

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Answer by M M
The hot air of the shower is rising; the cooler air outside of the bathroom is being drawn beneath the curtain causing it to billow inward. I have found that it is minimized by replacing the rod with a curved rod.

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  1. Cool air is heavier than warm air. When you turn on the shower, the hot water “thins” the air and the cooler air outside the shower pushes the curtain inwards. Basically, you have built a wall with two different pressures on each side.

  2. It has to do with what the guy wrote about air currents and temperature changes.

    Here is what I do:

    Raise the shower curtain so that only a couple of inches is below the edge of the tub. Less billowing.

    buy the plastic liner that has the weights in the bottom edge. They don’t billow and are ultra cheap.

  3. The first answer is correct. The hot water in the shower is causing the air to rise creating a lower air pressure. The higher air pressure out the shower is pushing the curtain in.

  4. I think it’s to do with static electricity, with the movement of the water, it then atracts the shower curtain which is made of plastic, because of the static.

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