What should I wear to dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Vegas?

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janeygurl89 asks:

Hey guys. I’m going to Vegas this weekend and I was wondering what I should wear to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant (I think it’s a 3 or 4 star?)? I was thinking a knee length patterned skirt, black long sleeve, nice purse/shoes/jewelry? Too simple? Any opinions would be awesome! Thanx so much!!!

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Answer by Im just me!
its the Eiffel Tower in Vegas! not the real thing. who cares what you wear. they arent going to kick you out for what you are wearing. wear what you want. its vegas!!! have fun dont worry and stress about what to wear!

4 thoughts on “What should I wear to dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Vegas?

  1. I think what you described sounds perfect. Almost all the women wear skirts/dresses in Vegas. I was there in May and wore a dress every night. Better to overdress than under dress!

  2. well… i tthink u should wear a comfortable dress or dress pants a nd a shirt.. i have a feeling that might go well with u… umm if u dont like or dont want to wear these things than u should leggings and a hot top
    hope i helped

  3. I would wear whatever is comfortable. People are very casual in Vegas. They came from all over the place, tourist. After all, you are there for vacation, right? Enjoy it and have a good time!

  4. Except for a few ultra high class restaurants and some dance clubs, you can wear casual just about anywhere. What you described is just fine and you might even get the sense that you are overdressed.
    As for the dance clubs, the longer the waiting line, the pickier they will be, occasionally letting a party or two behind you in first.

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