What should i have in my pencil case for school?

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What stationary should i have in my pencil case for school? And how should i organise it? Its got 2 pockets. Im a teenage girl btw, and i am in highschool (sophomore year). What other stationary should i have for school? I have one large folder with all my subjects in it. Is this good? How should i organise this folder? Thanks for your help 10 points for best answer.

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  1. this is my list of stuff i need for my pencil case 🙂 i love stationary haha

    Parker pen & ink cartridges
    Eraser pens
    Biros – lots of spares
    Tipp ex
    Permanent marker

    A4 Folder
    Scientific calculator

    i think that’s all you need really. things like protractors and compasses they should provide for you unless they specify you need it i.e. GCSE years.

    for you i think you should have the stuff you use every lesson in one pocket then other stuff like glue, colours, highlighters and whatever in the other one 🙂

    good luck!

  2. i have two pencil cases for school.
    one small pretty one for the stuff i always use. so a black pen, 2 pencils, an eraser, a highlighter, led case.
    and then i have a bigger one for my flashdrive(jumpdrive) whiteout, scissors, sharpie, other color highlighters etc

    i always have folder paper and graph paper. also some plain computor paper just incase i need some.

    i wouldnt use one big folder. their too flimsy. get a good sturdy binder. not one of those 1.25 binders. they fall apart fast. i get a binder and dividers with pockets. each pocket is for one subject. i use one of the binder pockets for folder paper etc and the other for memos and forms.

  3. Pencils (lead or mechanical, your choice)
    Pens (most schools would like you to have a blue/black one and a red one)
    Ruler (preferably 30 cm)
    Index cards
    Glue sticks
    Colored pencils / crayons / markers (whatever you prefer, depends on your grade level.)
    Lead or a pencil sharpener (depends on which type of pencil you use)
    Paper/binder clips or a small stapler (optional)
    Sticky Notes (perfect for those quick thought, EX: Test Tuesday, Study Tips)

    Hpe Ive Helped 😉

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