What is the best way to escape from a locked closet?


Dona S asks:

You’ve been forced inside. There is no one in the house now and you’re not in shouting range. The closet is locked from the outside. The skeleton key is still in it. There is no paper in the closet. There is a clothes rod from one side of the closet to the other, but no hangers. The closet walls are strong plaster. There is one shelf, close to the top of the closet, also the outline of a square at the very top. No lap top, phone, chair, nothing.

Best answer:

Answer by bettyboop_collector21
kick the door open.

7 thoughts on “What is the best way to escape from a locked closet?

  1. Take off your shirt. Lay it flat and slide it under the door, under the door lock. Take a shoe lace out of your sneakers and force the aglet(the plastic tip) into the key hole. Keep pressing the shoe lace into the lock, until the key drops onto your shirt. Pull the shirt back. Use the key to unlock the door.

  2. the sq. in the ceiling pushes out and leads to the attic, put it back after you get out, and when they open the door they will think you just disappeared, if they don’t know about it. lol Or slide your shirt or something, spread out flat, under the door near the keyhole, then stick something in the keyhole to push the key out of the lock, causing it to fall on the shirt, then pull it back under the door to you, and unlock the door……Or just kick the dam door down!

  3. i this situation sit down put your back to the door and your feet on the opposit wall and push. you can generate around 1000 lbs of force. if that does not work try kicking the wall in this same position.if the plaster does not break take down the clotheing rod lean it in to the corner at about a 60degree angle and use it as a ramp to get on to the high shelf and enter the attic exit the attic through a vent or in an unfinished attic kick a hole in the ceiling and lower your self down.

  4. is someone making you go in the closet or threatening you to be locked in the closet,or is this for fun. if its the first get some help and get out of the abusive situation. if its the later, pull down the clothes rod and smash your way out.

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