What is causing my bathroom vanity lights and fan not to work?


Paul W asks:

In my master bathroom (attached to master bedroom) I have vanity lights (only lighting in the bathroom), a fan, and one outlet. The fan and the vanity lights are separate units. Last night, there was a thunderstorm and lightning, but given the circumstances, I don’t think it’s causing my problem. Last night, I turned off my lights and fan, and when I attempted to turn them on again, they did not work. The outlet, which I believe would be connected to the same power source as the lights and fan, does work. I attempted to switch all the circuit breakers on and off to no avail. FYI the circuit breaker is for the entire master bedroom, or at least labeled as so; so I would assume it encompasses the master bathroom as well. My guess would be it should be related to the switch, since it is related only to the lights and fan, and not the sole outlet. Can anybody else think of any other possibilities or suggestions what to do?

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  1. Look for a GFI breaker or receptacle and reset it with the button. Modern bathrooms are required by code to be on their own circuits.

  2. they are probably wired together into a FUSED SPUR socket maybe with a neon light on it, check/change the fuse.
    try taking the switch off and check all wire connections.

  3. Lack of electricity. No really try the GFI reset ,hopefully that will work. Also try switching the breaker switch to “Off” and then flip it back to “ON” again. Sometimes that works.

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