What is a good alternative to closet doors?


I Love My Zune! asks:

I have a closet thats about 10 ft by 2 ft, but I dont have closet doors. I dont want regular closet doors like the sliding doors, or the one that you pull open. I thought about curtains but Im not so sure. Any suggestions?

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Answer by miwtsmlw
shoji screens, may be?

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  1. The shower curtains idea is great besides the idea that they’re all ready pre-made you don’t have to hassle with half the opening being covered by a door.

    To attach you can easily use velco at the top of the opening and velcro these days is very strong and can be applied without sewing. Or you can use a tension rod or pvc pipe which is very inexpensive because right now curtain hardware seems expensive.

    You can also purchase material to go with almost any home decor and make your own curtains. If you don’t wish to sew in craft sections you can purchase no sew glue. I purchased a camper that has curtains made with this product and they look great and have stayed hemmed for several years now.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I like the shoji screen answer. But they also have sliding panel doors that you can get at Home Depot or Ikea… I think even Walmart has them now. It’s on a track system and you have maybe 3 panels that you can slide back and forth. They come in vinyl or fabric, and some are like window panes.

  3. hippy beads, curtains don’t have to be drapery style, just some material you like hung from a rod with ties on the sides and perhaps beads in the middle area.

  4. there are some pretty cool shower curtains you can use with many colorful patterns and available as fabric that can be washed and dried

  5. I think those little thin wooden mini blinds are a good idea.Maybe put a couple side by side and you could just pull them up when you need to get something from your closet.

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