What does tray 2 load letter mean?

Letter Tray

Tater Salad! asks:

If it means it’s out of paper, why doesn’t it just say that?

Best answer:

Answer by tarheeler
Printer is out of paper in Tray 2

7 thoughts on “What does tray 2 load letter mean?

  1. As a professional IT/Computer Programmer, I am glad that you consulted me with this problem.
    My 27+ years of extensive experience has taught me that when “tray 2 load paper” appears on the screen, you should spill coffee all over the front of your pants, and feign illness until someone else can handle the problem.

  2. I think it means that something’s wrong with your printer system. It can be so aggravating when you get messages like these that don’t say what they really mean.

    LOL. It seems that nothing in life is easy….especially when it’s technology. ☺ 😉

  3. All the above plus…. you send to the World the message you are waiting for some letter. Maybe from Madonna or something?

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