What do you put in bath to make you smell nice afterwards?


Jennifer P asks:

Do i put in essential oils? Or those bath bombs, but at $ 8 a hit per bath, that’s quite pricey, what are the other methods? What is something specific you can put in the bath, that at bath’s end, you come out smelling good even the next day? I really want to have the perfect luxury bath. I’d appreciate anyone’s suggestions or help!

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Answer by Glenda B.

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  1. You can add essential oils to the bath. Be sure to add a base oil as well, otherwise the essential oil will float on the top and be too concentrated against your vulnerable skin. Olive or sunflower will do. Any oil you would eat. This will leave a mess in the tub, of course. But that’s one of those ‘take the good with the bad’ things.

    Emily’s Oils & Essentials has a collection of Spa blends that can be added to the bath as well as individual oils.

  2. I found that a good brand shampoo is actually really GOOD at leaving a good smell, even the next day; also awesome with the bubble factor. The downside is that the pH of a shampoo isn’t so good, but once you have diluted it with bath water it doesn’t really matter… If you are concerned with smell, go with shampoo or, if you worry about your skin and smell, (i prefer) a bio oil (which leaves your skin super soft, but leaves your bathtub slippery).
    bath salts aren’t very helpful with smell, either are ‘bathox’ salts.

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