Seen my “Rack”? Charging Station Galore.

Too much stuff! Trying to stay organized with my Battery chargers, I decided to do an extreme makeover my 12 Volt Rack. The first one, was designed by me and Published in Model Aviation Magazine in Sept, 1993, when RC electrics were just being born. Today’s 12 Volt rack can be easily transported to the field and can be plugged into the car cigar lighter too. Lots of folks ask me where to get chargers, etc. I got my Triton from Great Planes Mfg and most of the others from Nitroplanes and Xheli. One of the best chargers does 2-5 cells, with balancing, for only . It is called the 3E Model SmartPlus LPC-1080 Lithium Polymer LiPo Battery Charger. Here’s a link for them, so you can find the proper charger for your machines. Just type chargers into the search when you get there. Happy flying, good luck, and be safe. Dave

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25 thoughts on “Seen my “Rack”? Charging Station Galore.

  1. how did you getin thst magizine jw i would love to be in an issue thanx for the tips great video made a small version of my own on my feild box 5stars great vid

  2. wow nice rack you there !!! i saw all your chargers and i was wondering if you’ve heard of the ” Venom Racing Lithium 2-3 Cell Balance Battery Charger” i looks exactly like the “ESky Charger for Li-Polymer Batteries” oh btw 5/5!! tx

  3. Thanks for the comments. All those ESky chargers (I’ve 4) and 3 of them are orange are all pretty close to being the same.

  4. hi dave can i buy i cheap 12 volt car battery to charge my new blade 400, and use a 12 volt charger to charge it, just like the ones we use for our cars? whilst using the balancer and alligator clips, is that safe?

  5. Yep, that is how I do my 12v chargers. I have 12v car battery connected to the chargers and an automatic (Die Hard Charger $29 at Kmart) 12v car charger hooked to the 12v battery. It works great. Good luck.

  6. Hello, how can i charge my 7.4v 5000 mah lipo 1/10 vehicle battery? im leaving town and cant carry my heavy power converter! i have a multiplex multicharger LN-5014. input dc11-15v. need help, leaving in 4 days. thanks

  7. Question, for your smaller chargers that are mounted on the 110v power bars, are you using an inverter from your battery for those, or are the power bars plugged into a wall outlet? Nice job 🙂

  8. hey dave big fan here,I have a lipo battery with only a deans connector it has a full charge but I don’t know how to balance charge it. Can you help thanks .

  9. i dont know if were u live have walmart go there and go to were the sotorage box are the plastic ons are and thay have one with wwheels then what u do is put it all in there then u cln role it out

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