My bathroom has a really strong urine smell what could this be caused from and what is a way to get rid of it?


Emily22 asks:

I know it’s a bathroom of course it’s gonn’a smell like urine but it’s so strong I can’t barely stand it. I clean my bathroom about 3-4 times a month.

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Answer by pescador
no bathrooms do not smell like urine
urine does tell sparky to hit the inside of the toilet
you may need a new wax ring for the toilet

7 thoughts on “My bathroom has a really strong urine smell what could this be caused from and what is a way to get rid of it?

  1. Use vinegar and water to clean it. The toilet and the floor. Clean the toilet totally. Inside and out . This should take care of the smell and it dissipates quickly.

  2. there could be several things. I unfortunately have carpet in my bathroom so every time someone misses the toilet or my daughter who is potty training decides she cant wait and just pees on the floor. I have that smell. you could try cleaning the floor around the toilet and I use a odor absorber (thats the scent) air freshener it works pretty well. its by renuzit and they only cost like 1 dollar or 2 its one of those that you open up and then sit on the counter. it wouldnt be the wax ring unless you toilet was slowing leaking out through the bottom. if you have a tile floor I would reccomend getting a swiffer wetjet (with the antibacterial solution) and cleaning your bathroom floor every time you clean it if not more.

  3. Ours was doing that. We also have carpet in the bathroom. (Not my idea by the way, it’s the cheap landlord who won’t fix things right.) Well, the carpet was getting damp. It was the wax ring around the bottom of the toilet. It was bad and needed replaced. No more smell or damp floor.

  4. A bathroom does not necessarily smell like urine. I have two bathrooms in my home, and two men and boys, and no urine smell. If you have rugs in your bathroom, pick them up and wash them, or replace them. If you have one of those toilet seat cover things, or toilet tank cover, get rid of them. They are nasty odor catchers, no matter how pretty they look in your bathroom. If you have carpet in your bathroom, rip it up, and replace it with some tile or linoleum. You may be surprised what you can find in a carpet and flooring store. Measure your bathroom. Many times the flooring stores will have small remnants of material that can be had very cheaply or perhaps even free. In any case, thoroughly scrub the flooring, walls and other areas around the toilet. Try using bottled Lysol concentrate (in a brown bottle) to clean the entire bathroom. Your bathroom will stay clean smelling for several days.

  5. Do you have men or boys in your home? If so, the floors and walls around the toilet need to be cleaned regularly, as well as the toilet itself. You may need to replace the toilet seat and any bath mats or rugs that you have in the bathroom.

    If you have carpet around the toilet it should be cleaned with something that will neutralize the urine. I’ve found that spraying white vinegar on the carpet works well. The vinegar smell will dissipate as it dries and you can then clean the carpet with something a little more fragrant.

    Wall paper will also absorb urine and I’ve tried lightly spraying and wiping it with vinegar and it helps, but I’ve also had to completely strip the paper and paint the bathroom to get the smell out of the walls. Good luck. I hope you find something that will solve your problem.

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