hammer_driver2010 asks:

how important is having a full length mirror than a mirror that shows only your face?
can you live with only a small mirror?

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Answer by Rawr
full length mirrors can be depressing, but then again, so can just face mirrors. i prefer a mirror that shows my whole upper half from my belly button up. that way, i can make sure my shurt and everything looks fine and dandy. :]

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  1. You can live with a small mirror, but full length is better. You can see how everything looks together. I have a full length mirror and a magnifying mirror, so I have everything.

  2. i dont use a mirror…. i just let the makeup take whatever shape it wants….. so if u see someone on the street with eyeshadow all over her face. SAY HI! because its me

  3. lol of course you can live without a full length mirror, i mean the people before us did and they lived for a pretty long time

  4. it’s extremely important to have a full length mirror!! you have to see how your whole outfit-from head to toe-goes together…and thats really hard to do with just a small mirror!!

  5. Full-length mirrors are more handy when it comes to outfits, while smaller mirrors are more often used for just one’s hair and other things. Not that I used either too much, mind you, but that’s the reason most people use mirrors.

  6. I think it is important to have full length mirror. You want to know how your shoes look with your outfit all together or maybe check behind to see that everything is in place before u walk out the door. If you dont have one, buy one. They go from 10$ and up!

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