Is there a shelving unit for lizard tanks?

Shelving Unit

seeingidog asks:

I have many types of lizards and I am running out of space in my room for their tanks. Do any of you know about a shelving unit I can purchase to hold several tanks at once? Most of my lizards live in 10-long tanks.

If not, then how do other people with many reptiles arrange their tanks in their house?

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Answer by JenniferinNY
I bought one of these from Lowes.. I really like is cause it has no wooden parts that could be flammable if you’re using an UTH heater..
It fits (2) 10 gallons side by side per shelf..
You can do a zipcode search to see if they carry them in one by you..
This particular one you can move the shelves around.. I have the exact same model and have changed the shelf spacing a few times..

One thought on “Is there a shelving unit for lizard tanks?

  1. Most people I know make their own. Ocassionally, you might get lucky and find a pet store going out of business or remodelling, and you can buy their old display units.

    Here are some examples of reptile units that are sold and/or you can make yourself:

    What’s appropriate for your animals may depend on exactly what species you’re keeping. You might be able to buy a cheap bookcase and fit it with hinged doors like in the first photo (just leave spaces between levels for heating pads, lighting, etc.) or just put their tanks on the shelves.

    The plastic bins can work with some reptiles, but you need to be conscious of space from the top of the container and the shelf above it as well as the ability of your lizards to move the container on the shelf (so it doesn’t work its way off the shelf).

    Of course, if you have a lot of similar sized tanks, you can use concrete blocks and 2×4 to make a simple rack:

    NOTE: I just looked at the link in the first answer. I’ve seen these, and if they are the type I’m thinking, the shelves are at fixed intervals (spacing can’t be changed). Make sure your tanks will fit between the shelves before you buy this.

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