How to use a shower curtain liner?

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Max asks:

Does the shower curtain hang on the outside of the tub and the liner on the inside? Do you need a separate set of rings to hang the liner or do you hang them on the same rings as the shower curtain? Is there an advantage between vinyl or cloth liners? I’ve never used one so any input/tips would be good.
My curtain is decorative and I want to protect it from getting moldy/dirty.

Best answer:

Answer by Samantha
You can use one rod and one set of rings for both if you like.
But they slide easier when getting in out of the shower if you use 2 seperate rods and set of rings. Cloth is better to hang on the outside because its more for decoration. and the vinyl is for the inside, so when it gets wet and easier to clean and keeps the water on the inside of the tub.

2 thoughts on “How to use a shower curtain liner?

  1. the liner goes in the tub and the curtain itself outside. one set of rings. i take it your curtain is decorative and you don’t want to have to clean/replace it since you’re considering a liner. i personally have just used a liner for a curtain because they are so much cheaper.

  2. The liner hangs inside the tub and the curtain stays on the outside. They can share rings or not, I’ve done both and prefer to have two separate rods and rings so I don’t feel like I have to take everything apart to get in and out. Vinyl liners are cheap but hard to clean and collect mold. Cloth liners let out a drop or two of water sometimes but can usually be thrown in the washing machine and cleaned and seldom get moldy.

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