How to get extreme bubbles in bubble bath?


Rebs asks:

I’m planning on taking a bubble bath tonight, it’s rainy and gloomy here today so it seems like the perfect way to spend the evening. I’m looking for a new bubble bath product that creates tons and tons of bubbles that also smells great and leaves your skin feeling soft. Or if you know of any bath milks or oils for dry skin I’m open to that too. I prefer fruit scents as well..any suggestions?
I love Lush & The Body Shop. Any specific product I should try?

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Answer by Katzie
Where do you live? I know the best store for bath bombs, bath melts and things that make your body SUPER soft, smelling great and makes for a great time in the tub. It’s called LUSH.

Check the site below and see if there are any stores near you because I HIGHLY recommend.

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  1. Use dishsoap. It’s far more bubbly than any other regular bubble bath….
    Ombra has the best bubble bubble bath

    I was going to put something about farting but refrained.

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