How to bath my 2 months Himalayan kitten?


Zuhair-from-pakistan asks:

I just got a himalayan 2 weeks back. He isvery playful and adorable. But I just dont know how to give him the bath. Do i just need to clean him with a wet towel or is it safe to pour dirct water from the shower?

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Answer by theshadowknows
Cats do not need baths. They are perfectly capable of keeping themselves clean by grooming themselves. Most cats hate water anyhow and may bite or scratch you in retaliation.

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  1. Half-fill a sink or shallow tub with very nice WARM water. This the cats don’t mind. The cold is what they hate. Place your hand under him with his claws facing away from you, one in the crook of your thumb, one between your pointer/middle finger.

    At first, do not have water RUNNING. After he has calmed and if you need to run water, have it running lightly. They do not like the “hiss” of a strong flow of water coming out a faucet.

    Talk gently to him and tell him he’s good, everything’s alright.
    use a plastic cup to trickle water over back of head. Shampoo and rinse lightly. Give him a treat or so if he is behaving nicely. Remember you’re the boss don’t let him get away or it will only get worse, if he learns stuggling will let him get away.

    Afterwards, Wrap him tightly in a large towel with his paws tucked in. This is a great time to clean his face and ears with another warm washcloth. Sit with him facing you on a couch or something.
    Goodluck! he will be gorgeous when you’re done.

  2. I bought bath wipes for my cat. They are moist towelettes made specially for cats. She didn’t like it, but it wasn’t WWIII when I used them on her either.

  3. I have a 5 month old Persian and it’s pretty important to bathe the Himmy/Persian breed. Here’s how my breeder told me to bathe him. I put my bathing mat into my sink and fill it only about 1/4 the way with lukewarm water. I dissolve Pet oatmeal shampoo in the water as I’m filling it. After that I take my cat and put his little paws in the water and pour glasses of the soapy water on his back. I try to avoid his face because I do that by hand with a pet wipe. You may not want to put soap directly onto your Himmy because you will be a long time rinsing that out of all his/her fur. After I have poured the soapy water on him, I typically rub it in so that I make contact with his skin and then rinse. I usually dry him off with a soft towel. If you start bathing him/her young he/she will not mind it. My Persian doesn’t seem to mind it and he lets me brush out his fur after his baths. Hope this helps and good luck!

  4. Start him off in your kitchen sink. Fill the sink half full and just put him into the water. If he cries and claws talk to him and stroke him on the head and tell him it’s okay. If you do this once a month, the older he gets, he will get used to the bath. When he gets older fill up the tub and do it the same way. Prepare yourself with towels, but don’t use a hairblow dryer, let him stay in a warm room to dry off or near a window where he can stay in the sun to dry off quicker. You can wash his head, but make sure NOT to get water into his ears, nose, or eyes. They have special cat shampoo out there.
    Hope this helps.

  5. The first thing to do is ask his breeder for advice. If they are not available then there are many bathing routines to follow online. It is excellent to wash them now and get them used to it because you will need to do it in the future with a long haired cat like a himmie.
    The Purrinlott Cattery are Persian grooming experts and have lots of info here

  6. first, practice on a running chain saw. it is good practice because the chain saw hurts less.

    i do not recommend bathing a cat unless they play with a skunk, or something like that.
    and they really shouldnt be put in a bath or have water poured over them, sponge bath is best.

  7. Cats really dont need baths but if you do want to give your kitten a bath, (some cats dont mind, of course mine wouldn’t go for it,but it should be fine if you start young) just make it a good experiance for him so he wont mind being bathed again. They have cat shampoos in pet stores,I wouldn’t use the shower spray but maybe a sink with water in it and a cup so the noise of the shower running doesn’t frighten him. and use the cup to rinse him off make sure you get ALL the soap off, wouldn’t be good for him to lick it. For the head make sure not to get water in your ears you may want to use cotton, for the head the wet towel might work better. Also look on youtube some people video tape giving their cats baths you can get some more ideas from them.

    Heres a good one….

  8. Cat’s do need baths every once in a while otherwise they will stink really bad.I’d didn’t wash my cat for 4 mths & he really stunk… your cat might not like the running water, but get him used to it for when he is older. Use a wet towel/sponge on him and keep it very moist. After you wash him with the towel/sponge turn the shower on low pressure so it is low flow & put him near the stream. See what his reaction is.If he doesn’t like it wash him with the towel/sponge next time u bath him & gradually expose him to the running water a little more each time u bath him. Once he is ok with the running water, bath him from the shower. NEVER PUT UR CAT UNDERWATER IN A BATH! Cat’s ears are different to ours, the water will not drain out & will give him an ear infection! He will scratch u & probably bite if you put him in a bath… =O

  9. I would give him a sponge bath.. dip a wash cloth in a cup of water and wash him that way. Do not submerge him or place him in a tub or sink of water…

    do not wash by his head… just his back, belly, and bottom

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