How much does a fish divider for a ten gallon tank cost, and which kind should I get?


animallover asks:

I need to get a divider to put between a platy fry and an adult platy. How much does it cost, and should i get the sort of meshy metal kind or clear kind? I would also like to know how large a platy fry has to be before I can put it in with an adult platy. Please tell me what you know!

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Answer by jogi
Your cheapest way is to actually just buy the glass holding suction cups from the pet shop, about 4-6. Then go to a bookshop and get a presentation board or a plastic board – basically anything that doesn’t spoil in water. You can cut the board up to the desired size and basically divide your tank! It’s a really cheap, effective way.

If you use a pet shop you would need something like a breeder box or glass, but glass is not always the wanted size, and much harder to cut.

Edit: you can drill some small holes in the thing to let water cross to the other side.

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  1. First question:
    If you make your own divider, it can be free. If you buy one, you should be able to find a divider for under ten dollars. The divider needs to have some holes to allow water to circulate through it, unless each side of the tank has its own filtration. The most important thing, though is that it should not leave any openings (whether holes in the divider or space around its edges) big enough for the fry to cross to the other side and be eaten.
    You could also hang a mesh “breeding net” in the tank, and put the fry in it. Since the water from the tank can circulate through the net, the fry will not be overcrowded in this arrangement.

    Second question: You can mix the juvenile platies with the adults as soon as the babies are too big to be eaten, which for platies means when they are too big to fit in the adults’ mouths.

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