How Do you open the film compartment on a 35mm camera?


Emily asks:

I have a photography assignment that is due, and I can’t open the film compartment of my camera, to insert the film. I know how to load the film, but I can’t manage to get the film compartment open on this camera (I can’t find any sort of release button). My camera is a Pentax, if that helps at all. Please help me!

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Answer by Kerwin S
some cameras open by pulling the film rewinder on top. try looking for a sort of lever (aside from buttons). if there’s no manual available, the next best thing to do is to go to a photo shop. good luck!

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  1. The three newer cameras shown on Pentax website have a release lever on the left or right side of the camera. If you have an older Pentax, pull the rewind dial straight up until the back pops open.

  2. Take your Pentax to a camera store. Ask them to show you how to open it. They will be glad toso. Its is no sweat for them and even if you are not in there to buy , they will see it as good will when you do.
    Most people, like on this message board, WANT to help someone in need.
    It feels good , doesnt cost anything.

  3. try lifting up on the rewind knob and the door will open. If that does not work, there might be a small lever on the camera back door.

    If all that fails, take it to a camera store.

  4. I’ve owned several Pentax cameras and they generally open as described above by pulling up on the rewind knob. If you can’t grab the knob to get it started, just flip out the rewind crank and lift that up a bit.

    I assume you are using an SLR, because you are taking a class and can’t find the camera opening button, which is rather obvious on all of their point and shoot film cameras.

  5. On many older SLRs with manual film advance, the back is opened by pulling up the film rewind knob on the right hand side of the camera (as you look at it from the front).

    If there’s a film in the camera you’ll have to rewind it first. To do this:
    1) Disengage the film advance. There should be a button to do this. Typically it’s a tiny little round button on the base of the camera.
    2) Flip out the lever on the rewind knob.
    3) Rewind the film. Experience will tell you when it’s rewound, but to be safe turn the lever fifty or sixty times until you get the feel.

    That should do it if it’s a manual advance.

    If it’s automatic, it could be anywhere. Often on the edge of the camera on the opposite side to the hinge.

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