How do you install laminate flooring under sliding closet doors?


Fri asks:

We have closet doors that aren’t on tracks, but just has a middle piece screwed to the ground to keep the doors in place. We plan on pulling up the carpet, which goes into the closet. So, I’m wondering what is the proper way to install the laminate flooring there? Should we stop the flooring just outside the closet door and leave the carpet in place inside the closet? Or are we supposed to screw the middle piece to the top of the laminate? Or what?

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Answer by BobBy In NH
They must be on a track at the top or they slide into the walls. Usually, you remove the peice on the floor, lift up on the inside door and swing it into the closet then it should pop out of the track. Repeat for the other side and they go back in, in reverse order.

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  1. Remove the doors and the middle track. THen install the flooring and screw the track in place. You will want to screw it through the laminate into the subfloor.

  2. Do take up the carpet and the center guide, and run your flooring into the closet. I’ve always left the guide off when installing in a closet with no bottom track. I think the little plastic guide looks really tacky on my beautiful new floor, and I haven’t had any problems leaving it off.

    Stash the guide piece for now, and if you find that you need it, you can always put it in later (use a dab of construction adhesive (liquid nails) to adhere it to the flooring).

    A tip in installing the flooring into the closet– If the flooring runs parallel to the closet, try to plan the layout so you’ve got a joint somwhere in the width of the door opening. It’s a b*tch to cut and fit it in if you end up with a plank that sits the width of the door opening. If your flooring is running perpindicular to the closet, I like to change direction at the closet so the planks in the closet and across the closet threshold run parallel to the closet. It takes some planning in the layout, but it looks super professional.

    Another tip- It’s a bit more work, but I always take up the baseboards before installing the flooring and run the flooring right to the edge of the drywall (the drywall *should* be raised up off the floor – if it’s not, I trim it up 3/4″ from the bare floor). This allows you to trim out the floor with just the baseboard, and looks like a true custom install. To my eye, putting a fat piece of quarter-round tacked to the baseboard looks tacky and screams DIY. Yes, it adds some time to the job. But once you see it done that way, you won’t even consider doing the quarter-round solution.

  3. Remove the fixers, lay the laminate on the floor and into the wardrobe, replacing the fixers afterwards. This will give you the most uniform finish

  4. Fri, This is what I would do… Take the doors off, take that pin out out of the floor, pull all the carpeting up, put in all your new flooring in (including inside the closet) Put the doors back up. Go to the hardware store and by just a simple, common closest door track/separator for the floor. It might cast 2-3 dollars. It’s simple to install. That gets screwed in through your new floor and keeps the doors separated at the bottom. It’s very easy. Good luck.

  5. Here’s the “correct” way to do it.

    Take the center guide off the floor and lift the doors off the upper track by swinging them outwards slightly. They will then lift right off. Remove the carpet from the room AND the closet and run the flooring into the closet as a continuous install. The height of the flooring SHOULD be less than the height of the carpet and pad. If that is the case, you can simply reverse the above process and re-hang the doors. If they rub the floor, you will have to, once again, remove them and carefully cut the bottoms off the doors. Use a line of duct tape on the doors and mark your cut line on the tape. Cut with a circular saw with a very sharp blade. The tape will keep the edges from splintering. Re-hang the doors and install the center guide right over the laminate. The center guide performs no purpose other than to keep the doors from swinging out and coming off the tracks. As long as the are vertical, they can’t be removed.

    Warning-if you need to cut the bottoms off the doors and have used a circular saw to cut the laminate to length, DO NOT use the same blade to cut the doors. Laminate flooring will dull a blade faster than you can believe and you will splinter the doors. If cutting the doors is necessary, use a brand new blade. If you have used a blade on the flooring, throw it away or have it re-sharpened before you use it on anything else. It won’t even give you a clean cut on butter after cutting laminate.

    Good luck.

  6. Your closet door(s) must be “bi-fold” type that fold like an accordion. Remove the doors and “middle pc. as you call it, (unscrew it from the floor) remove all the carpet and pad, install the new laminate and then re-install the “middle pc.” thru the new laminate flooring and into the old mounting holes. Door(s) should open and close with no problem as the old carpet and pad was thicker than the new laminate is.

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