How do you hook up a dvd player to a tv?


chump0 asks:

I recently just bought a new dvd player and I was wondering how to hook it up to the television when there is already a ps2 hooked up to the AV connections. I can hook it up fine if i disconnect the ps2 but I wanted both hooked up at the same time. I can get a black and white fuzzy picture but no sound. Please help.

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Answer by xscorp18
USV<~~~~(I think its called that) Cords are used to hook up your DVD and TV. They have to have then in order to work. The Colors are Red,White, Yellow,

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  1. So, your TV only has 1 set of AV inputs, but you have 2 different devices. No problem.

    Go to the store there should be something called a video switch, which lets you connect multiple devices to a single TV. You shouldn’t need to spend more than $ 20.

    They should be easy to find over in the area where with the video game accessories or the TV cables are sold. Again, you really don’t need to spend more than $ 20 for a switch that handles 4 different devices (will give you room to grow in case you buy something else.)

  2. If you still have a VCR, you can hook the DVD to it and the VCR to the antenna input on the TV and leave the PS2 on the AV connectors. That way the VCR RF’s the DVD signal to the TV while the PS2 uses the AV inputs.

  3. You can either hook your PS2 up through the dvd player and hook that up to the. Depending on the kind of TV you have, you can hook them up separately to the same TV.

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