How do I reinforce a shelf in my shower stall?


E L asks:

I have a small marble shelf inside my bathroom shower. however it was set into the wall, it is disintegrating on one side and needs to be reinforced. I am hoping there is some kind of adhesive that will stick to tile that I can put underneath the shelf, up against where it sits to hold it in place. I do not want to have someone come and cut a new piece and reset it, due to the expense. Ideas?
the right side of the shelf is crumbling (marble) so it can’t be reset. Do I put epoxy underneath it to help support it so it doesn’t fall down?

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Answer by busted_glass
If it’s loose enough? pull it out. get some THINSET concrete, clean it up,& reinstall it with the concrete behind the edge..

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  1. yes the other answer is right but if ur not wanting to reset the shelf then u can use epoxy. the water proof tye to mount ur brace for the shelf……

    lic. gen. contractor

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