How do I hook up my subwoofer & speakers to my stereo using speaker wire?


sharbysyd asks:

I moved a while ago and finally getting around to hooking my stereo back up and I’m having trouble figuring it out.

There are 2 sets of speaker wires going into the bottom of the subwoofer. One positive & negative connection says “left” the other a positive and negative which says “right.” The speaker wires are already hooked in there.

The problem is where do I hook them into the back of my stereo?

Here are my possible selections:

Rear Speakers (has 2 – one for right, one for left) – I hooked my small speakers into this. Is this correct?

Center Speaker – has only 1, doesn’t say right or left, if I put the wires into this one, I would have to put the wires for both the left positive subwoofer connection and the right positive subwoofer connection into one connection. The same would go for the negative.

Front Speakers – You can plug 2 speakers into A and 2 into B.

Please tell me what to put where. I have 2 small speakers & a subwoofer.
My stereo system is an Onkyo and is about 15 years old. My subwoofer has no other way to connect to the stereo besides the cable. It is a part of a Cambridge Soundworks set.

Best answer:

Answer by HEC
Place the subwoofer connections in the corresponding left or right FRONT SPEAKER output, and the two small speakers can either both share the CENTER output or Share with the subwoofer, if you connect them to the REAR the sounds will be inconsistent and faint!

Good luck!

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