How can you stop a shower curtain-liner from wrapping around your body while in the shower?

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Shadow Pants & Tuxedos 4ever asks:

So here’s the deal! I just moved into a new apartment and the water pressure is so intense that is creates a large aamount of wind in the shower. Thus forcing the shower curtain liner to wrap around me. This is very annoying!!! I need answers. I am desperate for a normal shower!

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Answer by Oscar S
Get the ones with magnets on the bottom

7 thoughts on “How can you stop a shower curtain-liner from wrapping around your body while in the shower?

  1. lol this always happened at my moms house when we were little, having the vent fan on seemed to help. wetting the side of the tub and sorta sticking the shower curtain to it helps sometimes…

    Using a heavy bottle of shampoo on the side of the tub to hold it down sounds like a good idea.. but really its not.. because this bottle of shampoo will fall off and land on your toes! i can almost guarantee it!

  2. There are multiple solutions including:

    -Use of a second curtain, that remains outside of the tub/rim during the shower to block or slow inflowing air.
    -Leaving the curtain partially open with a gap at one or both sides to allows for pressure equalization, decreasing air inflow.
    -Application of heat outside of the shower to minimize buoyancy effects.
    -Lowering of water pressure and/or temperature differential to decrease billowing.
    -Use of a curved shower curtain rod, commonly found in some hotels. -The rod itself has a bend in it to hold the shower curtain out and away from the person.
    -Application of a cloth, soaked in water, along the rim of the bathtub while inside the shower to secure the bottom of the curtain, with cloth saturation (weight) and length corresponding to an increase in effectiveness.
    -Install sliding doors instead.

    Use whichever one is easiest for you.

  3. For $ 10 an hour or 4 Famous Dave’s Corn muffins per hour, I will stand guard in your shower for you and defend your sleek, wet, form from any attacks by this formidable foe.

  4. If the magnets don’t work, how about suction cups? Or…kind of lift up the bottom of the curtain so it “gives” just enough to rest a heavy bottle of shampoo on the curtain on the edge of the tub?

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