Hooking up shower drains to toilets and sprinklers?

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Janet A asks:

Does anyone know how to do this, or how much it will cost to hook up one shower to a toilet and sprinkler?

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Answer by Chas
It would cost more than it would be worth. First you have to collect the shower water, then you have to pump it to a storage tank and then you have to get it to the toilet and/or the sprinkler system.

An overhead gravity feed tank will work for the toilet but getting it to the sprinkler system can be a real hassle and there isn’t enough water from a single shower to really help a sprinkler system.

2 thoughts on “Hooking up shower drains to toilets and sprinklers?

  1. your question makes no sense.are you asking what it costs to attach or “set” a toilet to the flange and install the trim etc for a shower head and diverter valve?

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