Google container data center tour

First presented at the Google Efficient Data Centers Summit, hosted at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA on April 1, 2009. For more information about the event or Google’s data center efficiency efforts, please visit:

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25 thoughts on “Google container data center tour

  1. @killerchipmunk44 Youtube doesn’t seem to allow me to post a link here, but go to Google and search for (“inside a container image” cnet).

    Leave out my brackets, but leave in the quotes (so take everything inside the brackets and search for that. Then take the first result. Just as impressive in my book.

  2. @nyzillestify1 The internet? Lol, Google is not the INTERNET itself. But I wonder if someone enter that hagar and put it on fire, explode a bomb, something like this. Just imagine, all google things offline. Terrible. Not even the most retard would do that.

  3. he also has his “Google provided personal black cotton, body heat retaining, light absorbing clothing device ” on his upper torso….fsstt!!

  4. They forgot to tell us how the security system works there and how Apple employees can sneak in and steal secrets with out anyone noticing.

  5. oh great cooling plant
    everything is so good, seems like spaceship
    i like the power system
    i wanna make something like this Google system in my house!

  6. @FrozenHaxor2 No, your mom is credit to global warming. But at least she doesn’t have to drive around town in her car looking for that perfect pink shirt anymore; she can check prices, location and availability through Google. 😉
    And of course Google’s waste warmth should be used to heat residential areas in wintertime…

  7. @w0rt3l You obviously didn’t got the sarcasm and immaturely flammed around like 13yr old kiddy. I really don’t care anyways. Trolls everywhere :S

  8. @FrozenHaxor2 Please note that I was not unaware but rather indifferent to your potential sarcasm,
    I just had to reply to such flame bait. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply and let us both keep on trolling 😉

  9. What makes this awesome is actually the modularity of it. They could replace an entire container quite easily if necessary, just like you can replace the server blades on a standard rack.

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