Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna!

Cheaply, easily an quickly build an HDTV antenna that outperforms amplified store bought antennas! For more great ideas see

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25 thoughts on “Coat Hanger HDTV Antenna!

  1. This worked of our tv. We live about 56 miles from the nearest major town. We only got 3 pbs channels with regular one. Now we get alot more channels.

  2. @vviewerr Hi there, i have a question.. some ppl on the comments say the transformer is the other way that the on u name.. 75 to 300 ohm… so, wich one is the one? Or are the same ?
    300 to 75 or
    75 to 300 ?

  3. The coax side is 75 ohm, the antenna side (the dipole loop) is the 300 ohm side. The impedance value (the 75 and 300) has to do with the characteristic impedance of the cable carrying the RF signal. The cables have a small capacitance. At the high RF frequency that small capacitance turns in these impedance values. Everything from the antenna to the TV should be impedance matched, ideally. The coax ATSC tuner input is 75 ohms.

  4. @vviewerr Lol im sorry man, u are talking with someone who hardly understand Ohm and still believes in Santa Clause… Again, sry cuz i know u put some efford on ur answer .. so, in few words…
    Are the same ?
    Wich one should i get ? 300 to 75 or 75 to 300 ?

  5. @vviewerr the thing is that i already have one… 75 to 300… and if this dosnt do the work, i will have to buy the other one

  6. ahh… I see what you are asking now. What ever you have should be fine. There is “direction”. It transfers the signal from what ever side it exists on to the other. It has one side that has a coax connection and one side that as “fork” (two wires with little U shaped connectors crimped on).

    If you’re antenna is not working try it with out the transformer. The transformer will improve reception of weak signals. Strong signals, however, should work with or without it.

  7. With my TV I just need to touch my finger to the HD antenna input jack and voila, I get a couple of the strong channels. Just mentioning to point out that the strong signals are not going to be sensitive to the your exact setup.

  8. I built one of your antennas, and works great! Thanks a ton for the helpful video! works waaaaay better than the store bought piece of crap that I had. 2 thumbs way up! 🙂

  9. hi everyone, i think i’m going to give this a go!!! I live in Canada, and i’m sick and tired of paying for tv.
    Not that i’m cheap or anything, it’s just that if i can get it for free, then why pay for it???? i mean, really. i could use the saved money for something else.

  10. Can this be made taller, like doubled, or is it a calculated thing, having the 8 “V’s” with the one criss cross? I am way out in the country – would like to try 16 elements on a 5′ board And what it is the impendence of the transformer, or does it not matter?

  11. built one (copper wires instead of hangers) and it picked up 27 digital channels and 1 analog. the analog caught me by surprise. thought they were suppose to give that bandwidth back. anyway, it worked so well, 2 of my friends asked me to build them one too. gonna build another one to see it if works at my parent’s place in the mountains.

  12. i build the antenna . the only channels i am getting are MPT 1 & 2 , and V-me. i am 15 miles away from frederick, md , on rt 15N. on my transformer doesnt say if its UFH/uvh.

    channels are 62-1, 62-2, 62-3 what to do to get major stations like abc, cbs, local, etc?

  13. I tried this, it worked pretty well but in the end I coughed up $25 for a real 4-bay bowtie antenna, which gave superior reception.

  14. I built this antenna today. I had all the parts except for the washers. It cost me $3.11. The picture is absolutely beautiful. The HD is far superior that the HD I am getting with DishNetwork. The colors and clarity are outstanding. I live 38 miles from the transmitter. I have this antenna inside, and I receive 38 channels!

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