Can plastic shower curtain liners go in the washing machine and dryer?

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addie asks:

I’m washing the shower curtain, can I throw the liner in the wash too? Will it melt in the dryer?

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Answer by whatever
washer okay but not dryer

6 thoughts on “Can plastic shower curtain liners go in the washing machine and dryer?

  1. Washing it should be ok, but hang it back up to dry, it should then dry without any creases. As for throwing it away, isn’t that the problem with this throw away society today, thats all we do!

  2. I’ve washed these before, by hand and in the washer, and I feel like it’s just better to buy a new one… they are very inexpensive.

  3. You could put them in the washer (on gentle cycle in cold water), but I wash mine in the bathtub. It is easy to handle that way. It would melt in the dryer… should be hung up on a line to dry (or if you don’t have a line…..hang it over the clean shower rod).

  4. I think if you put it in cold or better, warm wash, gentle cycle, in a front load machine, not a top load washer, you should be fine. Then, as others stated, hand it out to dry. It likely will melt in a dryer, unless you put it in on a no-heat/fluff cycle, but even that’s risky.

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