Can mold or mildew grow on a shower rod?

Shower Rod

hemipower asks:

on my shower rod i saw these little black spots on the back of the rod i,m not sure if its rust of mildew. How can you know for sure what it is.

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Answer by Christy
Go get some type of cleaning solution on a cloth and wipe at it….when it rubs off it will either be brown or black….that should tell you what it is. And yes, mildew can grow ANYWHERE…even a shower rod.

2 thoughts on “Can mold or mildew grow on a shower rod?

  1. Absolutely!
    Mold and mildew can grow in any damp area.
    Black is usually mildew.
    Rust will usually be brown in color.
    Nothing you can really do about it.
    Maybe get a plastic rod.

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