At what month do you introduce a shape sorter to infant?


Krystle asks:

The shape sorter packaging says that it is good for infants 6 months+. At what age would it be ‘useful’ for an infant?
I am doing a lesson plan for an infant and I was thinking about doing it on the shape sorter. I want to teach k-4 so I am not very knowkedgable when it comes to infants. THANKS

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Answer by lizdylan2003
i would say 6-8 months

3 thoughts on “At what month do you introduce a shape sorter to infant?

  1. I’d go by the package.. toy companies spend millions on research for age appropriate toys. I got my son a shape sorter at about six month’s; he needed my help to figure it out… but that’s good practice ( they’re absorbing info, even if they can’t do it) My son was about 10 months old when he could actually sort shapes and put them in the right hole.

  2. You can introduce it at 6 months, but they might not figure it out for a year or more. My daugther is 19 months old and just now starting to figure those things out. Every child is different, though. One thing I’ve learned is to rotate her toys to keep her interest in them. Put them away for a few months, and then bring them back out and they are so much more interested in them! Unless they have completely outgrown them.

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