Where can I buy a shower rod for a standing shower?

Shower Rod

Olive asks:

I’m moving into a new house that has a newly added bathroom in one of the bedrooms. Unfortunately, there are not any shower doors for the shower. The previous owner said she just bought a curved shower rod, but the ones that I see in stores are rods built for the standard tub/showers and not standing showers. Is there something out there for me to use until I can install glass shower doors.

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Answer by Ed M
Purchase a standard/ tub and shower rod not a curved one. Measure the opening and cut the rod to fit. The new rod can be cut with a copper tubing cutter or a hacksaw. Measure length of curtain to determine new rod elevation. Slide new flanges over rod and secure to existing walls with screws.

What is the difference between a Container and an OU in Active Directory?


Johnny asks:

I am new to Active Directory and so I hope you’ll pardon my ignorance. I recently installed an Active Directory on my Windows Server trial edition. I noticed that there were two kinds of containers i.e. containers and organizational units (OUs). I a trying to figure out what the most important difference is between an OU and a Container?

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Answer by Sam_MSCE

An Organizational Unit (OU) is a special purpose container, that differs from a regular container in that administrators can apply group policy to an OU, which the system then pushes down to all the computers that reside in the OU. You cannot apply group policy to a container.

In general, you design an OU hierarchy which is based on how you want to have Group Policy flow out to the domain-joined machines in your AD. I could tell you more about it, but this stuff is complicated and needs a lot more knowledge understanding to work with.

I would seriously encourage you to consider getting a good book on Active Directory if you are serious about running it. Active Directory plays an important role in IT and thus should only be configured by someone with sufficient knowledge in it.

Good luck,

What should I wear to dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Vegas?

Shoe Tower

janeygurl89 asks:

Hey guys. I’m going to Vegas this weekend and I was wondering what I should wear to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant (I think it’s a 3 or 4 star?)? I was thinking a knee length patterned skirt, black long sleeve, nice purse/shoes/jewelry? Too simple? Any opinions would be awesome! Thanx so much!!!

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Answer by Im just me!
its the Eiffel Tower in Vegas! not the real thing. who cares what you wear. they arent going to kick you out for what you are wearing. wear what you want. its vegas!!! have fun dont worry and stress about what to wear!

What color bath rug goes with a light but bright yellow?


hlync asks:

I recently painted my small full bath a yellow color. I have a brown bath fitter tub/shower and light hardwood floors in the bathroom. I have no idea what color bath rug to buy. The toilet and sink are white as is the trim. Suggestions?
I just put in the vanity and it looks great. Now all I need is the rug. I like the idea of blue and someone I talked to suggested green. Thoughts/

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Answer by Sonexx15
baby blue or even powder blue.
that would look so sweet.

What is the most cost reducing container for 12 ounces of liquid?


lilit_movsisyan asks:

In other words, what container (spherical, cylindrical, conical, etc.) could hold 12 ounces of liquid and have the LEAST surface area? And what are the dimensions (height, radius, side lengths, etc) of this container?

Note: 12 ounces = 354 cm^3 (this is the conversion factor, as it made it a lot easier)

So far, I have a cylinder as the most efficient container.
12 ounces = 354.882 cm^3***
I’m supposed to present this with proof involving calculus (application of derivatives/optimization,etc). And I’ve tried a cylinder and a cone. The cylinder had less between those two.
Thanks for the answers guys.

My calculated MINIMUM surface areas are:
Cylinder: 277.490 cm²
Cone: 305.409 cm²
Sphere: 242.401 cm²

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Answer by Big Daddy
Have you checked both cubes and spheres?

How often should one have head bath if suffering from flaky scalp or dandruff? What is the best home remedy?


smart asks:

I have been suffering from flaky scalp for a long time now. Should we bath often or once in a while if we have dandruff? If often how often. What are the best home remedies for this problem? I’m currently using Apple Cider Vinegar to be applied on scalp before having bath.

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Answer by carefreek
I have tried many many things and found that I have to just use head and shoulders all the time. Its not very glamorous, I would rather find a “cure”, but this is the closest thing to a cure I have managed. I have had this same problem all my life. Best of luck to you!

What should i have in my pencil case for school?

Pencil Case

Team Potter! asks:

What stationary should i have in my pencil case for school? And how should i organise it? Its got 2 pockets. Im a teenage girl btw, and i am in highschool (sophomore year). What other stationary should i have for school? I have one large folder with all my subjects in it. Is this good? How should i organise this folder? Thanks for your help 10 points for best answer.

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Answer by O Hi, bye, now go away.