What type of paper to use and where can i buy it from?


S.ViiPER asks:

I am creating invitation cards homemade on my computer, but i have only 1 problem. I am not really sure as to what type of paper i should buy. I want regular card paper, a cream color or ivory. This is for a First Communion but i do not want any decorations on the paper. Can any one please help me? What type of paper should i buy and where can i find this paper from? Do anybody know if i can buy this paper from staples, OfficeMax or wal-mart? Thank You for your help i gladly appreciate it.

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Answer by gow33
you can buy paper everywhere just go to walmart.it will be easy to find

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  1. Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and other craft stores, as well as office supply places like Office Max, sell packs of blank plain notecards with envelopes, both in cream and in white, that are printer-ready and perfect for invitations. Walmart probably sells them, too, either in the office supplies section or the craft section.
    Good luck.

  2. You probably want a heavier paper than ordinary printer paper, which is about 80gsa. You can get paper in the heavier weights all the way up to 200gsa, which is like a light cardboard. I use that to cut out templates for quilting, so it will still go through a printer.

    If you go to a stationery supplies store you will find reams of paper in different weights. Office Works (I live in in Australia so do not know the stores you mentioned) sells paper both by the ream and in smaller amounts, and even has loose paper. You can feel the weight of the paper if you have a store that sells loose paper and then you will be able to decide which one to buy.

    Cardstock (used to make handmade cards) is thicker than printer paper and is available at scrapbooking shops and newsagencies. It may be a little thick to go through your printer, or it may work (depends on your printer).

    Newsagencies also sell blank invitation cards already pre-cut for you to write on. Some of them have deckle-edges and are even gold edged.

    I hope you can find the right sort of paper for your project – all the best!

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