What is an easy way to turn a bookcase into a padded bench?


ncscgirl asks:

I have a bookcase that I would like to turn transform into padded bench-like seat. I will lay the bookcase sideways and use the bookcase slots to hold storage bins/baskets for magazines and racks. I know there is an easy and inexpensive way to do this but I do not know the proper supplies to purchase for the actual seat. Please help.

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Answer by mindshift
The main problem will be preventing the piece from slanting, or skewing to one side or the other. Attach a 1″ x 4″ slat to the back on a diagonal from the top corner to the bottom opposite corner. The permanently set shelves should provide enough vertical support.

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  1. First you would need to make sure your bookcase is stable enough to sit on and to hold more than 2 people’s weight….IF your bookcase is a thick wood all over then you should be fine but if it is thin wood all over then you would need to support that with wood on the back at a diagonal and wood inside to replace the shelving. ( thick wood like 1-2 inches thick.) Next for the seat, If you would like it to be removable buy some Velcro, next you would buy some fabric if you are making it your self….if you are just wanting to buy the pad to sit on without making it then measure the bookshelf space that you are wanting to put a pad then go to like Walmart OR Target and find one that is the right size. Next to secure the pad on the Shelf, take the velcro and cut 2 in. peices make as many as you need and get a hot glue gun and glue the peices on the bookshelf every 4-5 inches depending on the size of shelf. The do the same on the pad. velcro them together and there you go!

    If you want to make your own pad here are some instructions:

    1. Buy the amount of fabric you need.
    2. Buy thread and needles if you don’t have a sewing machine.
    3. Get alot!! of stuffing material like cotton or the other type of stuff.
    4. Go home and cut the fabric to size but make sure you make it 4-5in bigger than it actually needs to be, because you are making seems and you need extra fabric.
    5.sew 3 sides together and stuff the inside but make sure that you bring the fabric inside-out so the seems won’t show.
    6. Sew the last opening together. AND you are DONE!!

  2. I agree w/ Mind.

    As for the pad’d area I would check freecycle groups or craigslist for old crib mattresses. U can cut the vinyl off of it, & then cut the foam to size. Or old benches w/ the pad’g. Odds r the bench wood is worn out & has the same foam inside which never really goes flat. Just depends on how much pad’g U want.

    I know Popular Outdoor Fitters carries it but, man is it get’g expensive to buy.

    For fabric, I would buy a couple different types. 1 to put permanetly around the foam/pad’g & 1 to add a zipper to that U can wash. Be sure to buy washable fabric & always buy extra if U can.

    WalMart has a $ 1 and $ 2 a yard section which is great for this. If it’s gonna b outside, buy some heavier material thats water resistant & wipes clean easily if it gets mud or something on it.

    http://www.groups.yahoo.com In the Search field type in the name of the city or town U live in, state abreviation & the word freecycle. Make sure the word freecycle is in the title.

    http://www.craigslist.org On the right hand side, click on the city U live closest to & then in the search field on the upper left side, type in crib mattress.

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