25 thoughts on “Start Sewing- How to Thread a Sewing Machine

  1. I wish I could see closer. I cant really tell where u are hooking the threads but ultimately atleast i have a better idea now. thankyou =)

  2. Other commenters are right: this video isn’t clear. The girl doesn’t seem to know sewing machine parts or vocabulary, aside from the word “foot.” I’d prefer a less attractive and more informative model, please.

  3. Thank you SO much for this! I was having problems threading my machine and this video illustrated what I was doing wrong. Thanks again!

  4. @Roboprop
    Jesus liked his chicken raw. He made a special request whenever he was at KFC. He also used to save the bones, suck them dry, bleach them in the sun, & build elaborate little models out of them. Then he would line up all his finished models on the dusty ground, sit cross-legged in front of them, & admire them while rocking back & forth mumbling to himself

  5. @LaPhenomenalMujer
    I’m asking for advice – At the end of the video – she shows two lose threads – What on earth do you do with them?
    I am completly new to sewing, let alone with a machine – at the moment I have two lose threads and It’s just making holes in the material – LOL!!

    Please help x

  6. I hope they have machines that are much easier now a days. This looks like a real pain! Can you imagine if you wanted more than one color!?!?

  7. screw the other guy – it was helpful. At times the camera was far but you zoomed in where it was important.
    Well done and thanx again.

  8. Five Stars!!! You made my life a lot easier!! I had a Brother LS2425 that had no instruction manuel and this got me going in no time!

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