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natty <33 asks:

you usually hear that pasta is a good thing to eat when your on a diet … but is it true? what about the starches? dont they produce more and more fat??

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Answer by phoenixheat
For me, personally, I avoid pasta and all other carbs when dieting. I gain weight when I eat carbs so I eat lots of vegetables, meat, poultry, salads, soup without pasta, rice or potatoes, fresh fruit such as apples and oranges.

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  1. the important thing is to eat it in moderation. a little bit of pasta (especially whole wheat) is fairly healthy, as long as you don’t smother it in butter or cream sauce. try an oil-free marinara sauce on about a cup of whole wheat pasta for a meal. it will fill you up, but it’s still fairly healthy. just don’t eat huge portions, since pasta has a lot of carbs.

  2. I think it varies from person to person. I know when I want to lose weight fast the best thing for me to give up is fat. So I eat pasta, baked taters and such and it works for me. Of course I eat the pasta plain except for some garlic salt. Yum!

  3. And Oh how delicious that super fat can be. I suggest buying a whole wheat pasta and only cook til la-dente. You get more vitamins and healthy carbs out of it that way!!!!! Go on ENJOYmmmmmmmm……..

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