Is an office kitchen considered a commercial kitchen?


Pj asks:

I’m trying to start a mobile vending business in Florida, but I want to make the product myself. I need a commercial kitchen, but the ones I’ve found are too expensive. I have found some affordable office spaces with kitchens, so I was wondering if that would be allowed as a commercial kitchen?

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Answer by Wildcat
A commercial kitchen has certain requirements and regulations that are not met in a small kitchenette that you will find in an office. These spaces cost much more to rent for a reason. You really need to contact your states office that regulates food service (I cannot think what the heck they are called right now) and see what the requirements and regulations are for a commercial kitchen. This is the only way to be sure you are in compliance.

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  1. No, not even close. They are less likely to pass inspection then a house is. Commercial kitchens are just that, build to meet commercial food distribution laws, which neither an office or a home has the same standards.

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