Interactive Whiteboard Demonstration

Tom Hopper, a social studies teacher at Chippewa Middle School in Okemos, Mich. demonstrates how an interactive whiteboard works.

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25 thoughts on “Interactive Whiteboard Demonstration

  1. Can you do it MINUS the projector via direct connection? The projector is the only thing that draws this back as I don’t like the shadows and the darkened classroom

  2. we have one in every single classroom at my high school. and we use them for everything from a simple whiteboard to watching videos to showing powerpoints to interacting with and writing notes on web pages.

  3. My school got 1 in like every room in it, they’re cool, but, the laptops using the Smartboards are SO freaking slow! 🙁

  4. all of the math rooms in my school has one i like it a lot more than what we had last year and what all of the other class rooms have we have “ladybugs” or elmos in the science rooms

  5. My school Just got a SmartBoard and a Document cameras installed in every class. And A small tower commuter JUST for the Board so the teacher dosent have to give up his/her comp.

  6. They could be much more useful if teachers receive training and become aware of all of the interactive content that is out there on the web. Did you know that you can make an interactive white board for only about 80 bucks? Search for Wii Interactive whiteboard to learn how. If you save thousands on the touch-surface you can easily afford a more expensive projector.

  7. @EdTheBadass if you cant reach, then you can do it on your computer and the students can still see it!! or u can use ur remote 🙂

  8. hmm .. I am not well-informed about interactive whiteboards, but I am quite sure I have seen similar projects.
    One particular I remember seeing on discovery Science few years ago, having the same results they have here.
    So how is this project unique? Or is it just the same tech?

  9. @EdTheBadass You can use a stick with a soft plastic tip. or with the Wii interactive white board, I sell a 28 1/2 inch long IR pen.

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