25 thoughts on “ikea lamp

  1. Yeps, the old one was, probably, also made in a sweatshop in a third world country, for the profit of only a small group of people. Ikea is much better than a local workshop, and we are all crazy..

  2. Waaaa!!
    How is this helping to sell lamps? Just makes me want to hang on to my old junk so it won’t be out shivering in the cold, cold rain.

  3. One of my favorite ads´╗┐ ever! If I was drinking milk it would have escaped through my nose. I have a playlist of great ads on my channel in case anyone is interested.

  4. Did you ever hesitate to throw away an old toy as a child?

    I would always picture the bright, colored plastic – which had been so carefully designed and purchased for me – chipping away and fading in a landfill, as it was covered in mounds of old rotting food and trash.

    No matter how rarely I played with the toy, I felt a duty to protect it from that fate by not throwing it away.

    Perhaps children have a better understanding of the evils of consumerism than their older, and “wiser”, parents..?

  5. Ikea is perpetrating a culture where people find it necessary to throw away things even when they work perfectly fine. “Lamp” has functions beyond the ones inherited from it’s owner and his very design reflects some responsibility towards cultural sustainability. I love you, Lamp.

  6. You did not expect a red light this “poor” and I wonder do you think? What if I’m wrong. Is not no way I have feelings too light. I decided the better the new one.

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