How do you make buttercream icing without a mixer?


Sarah asks:

I don’t have a mixer. Not a stand mixer, not even a measly hand mixer. All I have is a food processor and my two hands, along with a few stirring utensils. I have a cake to make this Saturday. Does anyone have any tips or recipes that work well without a mixer? Thanks in advance!

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Answer by Butterfly2Kiss
A food processor will work just fine so as to ensure not any lumps.

3 thoughts on “How do you make buttercream icing without a mixer?

  1. Before the days of food mixers and processors, us oldies used wooden spoons to beat the icing into submission. Still works fine today as long as the butter is soft and the icing sugar has been sieved.

    Good luck with the cake.

  2. I never use a mixer when making my buttercream icing. I always use my whisk and make sure the butter is really soft. You can do it! 🙂

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